The Professional Protector Logo

"The best way to predict
the future is to invent it."

Alan Kay

Property enriched and obliged.

In the here and now, both the administration and structuring
of assets is becoming increasingly complex.
On the path of planning and organisation of your asssets,
the professional protector is your personal trusted companion.
We show you elegant solutions and models to protect and
– with the help of all feasible investments and constructs –
grow your assets.

The following key points describe our range of consulting services:

Learn and preserve

Wealth has an individual, personal history, intimately connected with emotions and memories. The timely and careful planning of wealth transfer plays a decisive role in preserving your assets and providing financial security for your descendants. As expert advisors, we are at your side to provide you with insightful and discreet support in this sensitive topic.

Strategy and empathy

With any plan, with any venture, precise planning with foresight and attention to detail is the decisive factor for success. We view your assets as an investment in the future and support you in analyzing and structuring them. In doing so, we address the requirements of daily life, your wishes and needs while together we formulate and realise your goals and visions.

Unsere Leistungen - Bridge

Reduce and grow

Large fortunes often get lost in unmanageable networks of investments and holdings. The more complex the structures become, the more the actual enrichment of life can turn into overwhelming demands. This often ends in passive asset management. In this context, we learn time and again that the formula “less is more” also applies to asset management. With a structured and personal asset analysis and the resulting valuation, we create transparency and derive optimal solutions for your asset and investments. With regular statements and summaries as well as multi-depot analyses, cluster-risk or lack of diversification are addressed and prevented and more time is gained for the more important things of life.

We assure you: Less becomes more.

Understand and communicate

Wealth and property is not always easy. Often, idealistic values are placed above long-term goals. Also, supposedly irreconcilable differences can lead to powerlessness in wealth management. We can assure you that you are not alone. We see ourselves as a companion and mediator who takes up your wishes and ideas bringing new opportunities and solutions into play. We listen, analyze and overcome the obstacles together with you. Our first motto is: build trust and reach consensus together.

Unsere Leistungen - Sail

Secure and shape

Liability and attempted seizure or attachment of assets are very common developments that should be countered in good time. Influences on the maintenance of the value of your assets, such as entrepreneurial activity, developments in the financial markets, tax conditions, your place of residence, questions of political stability and your family situation are also part of the picture. We offer you an overview of legally sound solutions that will secure and preserve the value of your assets for the years and decades to come. In all matters, we act as idea providers and initiators.

Assists and support

Those who do business internationally and shape their lives across borders need a competent organization in the background. We support our clients organizationally in their business activities and in the management of private assets. We assist in the selection, management and coordination of advisors and ensure that their activities add value to your assets. We carefully monitor the work processes and the results of external advisors and managers. We report to you by means of continuous reporting and make suggestions for optimization. This provides you with a neutral assessment of their activities and can thus form the basis for further decisions.